How Strong Is A Laptop Screen? Explained

How Strong Is A Laptop Screen?

In today’s world with modern technology, screens have improved significantly, especially in mobiles; gorilla glass screens can withstand huge impacts. Similarly, Laptop screens have also improved and are strengthened to withstand bumps. Laptops such as the Apple MacBook Pro has a tempered screen that can withstand up to 50 kgs of pressure.

It means if something around 50 kgs hits the Laptop screen, it can resist the impact. If you travel a lot or carry your device in a backpack, you may be worried about How Strong Is A Laptop Screen? This article will discuss how fragile Laptop screens are and what kind of damage they can stand.

How Fragile Are Laptop Screens?

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Like any other display, laptop screens are incredibly fragile and can surely shatter. This is why it’s essential to keep your Laptop on a safe surface where it’s less prone to fall, and especially if you take your Laptop to your work, consider getting a Laptop bag with enough padding to keep it away from damage.

Can Laptop Screens Survive A Fall?

If the Laptop falls off a low height and onto a carpet or a soft surface, it can survive the fall. However, if the Laptop falls on concrete, tiles or the street, it can get severely damaged, and not only the screen but the internal components such as the RAM and HDD can be permanently damaged.

Modern Laptop screens are made up of multiple layers, and the outermost layer is typically made from a resistant material, such as Gorilla Glass. Underneath the gorilla glass layer is a thin metal film that can absorb shock. The deepest layer is glass which helps protects the LED screen.

Nearly every Laptop on the market comes with a webcam and microphone located above the screen, and they are more prone to damage than the screen.

How Much Weight Can A Laptop Take?

There are thousands of devices on the market, and it depends on the manufacturers how much weight they can handle. Gaming Laptops and some premium Laptops are sturdy enough to resist pressure. An average Laptop can withstand the weight of a few notebooks or a cat.

Can I Break My Laptop By Sitting On It?

It’s not impossible, but it’s unlikely that it can break your Laptop. Modern Laptops are well built, sturdy, and able to withstand some weight, so they can survive this kind of pressure. However, if you sit on it with more force than advised, the Laptop can get damaged or even crack. No matter how sturdy your device is, don’t consider sitting on it or taking any risks.

Can Cats Break Your Laptop By Sitting On It?

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Cats are very light; no, they can’t damage your Laptop by sitting on it. As discussed earlier, Laptops are built to handle bumps and tears, so taking this kind of pressure is possible.

Can Dogs Break Your Laptop By Sitting On It?

Laptops are not made to hold the weight of a fully-grown Dog, but they are sturdy enough to bear the pressure. However, the Laptop can get damaged if your dog steps or jumps on the Laptop. It can also lead to the Laptop being pushed off the table or couch.

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It’s better to take no risk and keep your devices out of your pets’ reach, especially dogs who are very playful and curious. Therefore they are more likely to damage your device accidentally.

Can Laptops Screen Survive Water Spills?

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It is not possible, but it’s doubtful that it can survive such damage. Most Laptops are not built to be waterproof and, therefore, may not be able to handle even a tiny amount of water spill.¬†Furthermore, the electronic components within a Laptop can’t handle exposure to liquid and can get damaged, which can cause unrepairable damage.

If you spill water on your device, unplug it, turn it off, and take your Laptop to your nearest service centre for professional help. Trying to repair it yourself can cause more problems.

Can Laptop Screens Survive Coffee Spills?

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Black coffee may not cause a big problem. However, if it’s espresso, then you might have an issue. Espressos are made with very finely ground coffee beans steeped in hot water and passed through a filter. It produces a very thick, concentrated coffee with more than 90% water, while the remaining is caffeine and oil.

When this liquid spills on a laptop screen, it will quickly evaporate but leave behind a sticky residue that is difficult to clean and over time, this residue can damage your screen. Not only your screen, but it can also cause damage to your motherboard, which can also be permanent damage.

Can Laptop Screens Survive Soda Spills?

A Laptop can survive a soda spill, depending on the type of soda and its quantity. Diet soda leaves little residue after the fall, so it is more likely to survive. However, taking about ordinary soda, it is likely that the upper layer may dissolve, and permanent damage may be caused.

Can Laptop Screens Survive Tea Spills?

Like espresso, the tea can leave residue on your Laptop screen, which can highly affect its quality. If tea gets spilt on your display, try to clean it quickly to prevent damage. Tea residue can cause the screen to lose its quality and get blurry; if it’s not removed, it can make the screen yellow or even crack. If, unfortunately, this situation occurs, clean your Laptop and take it to your nearest service centre.

Can Laptop Screens Survive Low Temperatures?

A Laptop screen is built to survive cold weather. The Laptop screen works best if the temperatures are according to the manufacturer’s suggested operating range. If the temperature is outside the recommended range, it can get damaged because the liquid crystals in the screen can freeze, which can be fatal and permanently damage its screen.

Can Laptop Screens Survive High Temperatures?

At high temperatures, the chemical reaction happens faster, which causes a laptop screen to go black. Screens on laptops are typically made of indium tin oxide, a good conductor of electricity. But when heated, indium tin oxide’s properties change, becoming opaque and non-conducting. So if you leave your Laptop in your car on a hot day, the screen can go black.


Laptop screens are fragile, and you should take good care of them to maintain their quality. Modern Laptops are sturdy and can handle bumps and tears. Laptops can take a fair bit of pressure; however, if the force is more than recommended, it can cause the screen to crack and shatter. Laptop screens should also be operated at a temperature suggested by the manufacturer; if not, the display can get permanent damage.


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