Why Aren’t Laptops Waterproof? Explained

Why Aren't Laptops Waterproof? Explained

While working on your Laptop and drinking some beverages, you must have thought, Why Aren’t Laptops Waterproof? Considering how well Smart Watches are waterproof, you can swim with them for hours, and even Smart Phones are now capable of surviving underwater for hours. Then the same technology must be applied by manufacturers to Laptops, so you are not afraid of taking them to a wet place or in the rain. If not waterproof, they should at least be water-resistant enough to survive an accidental water spill and not get destroyed if any liquid drops on them. Let’s Discuss the reasons why these devices aren’t able to resist water damage.

Why Don’t We Have Waterproof Laptops Already?

We have already talked about how well Smart Phones are waterproofed these days, and it has become a norm for them to handle water exposure, but when looking for a Water Resistant Laptop, the options are minimal. All flagship devices, such as Apple Macbooks and Dell XPS, can’t handle water spills and are highly likely to die and become trash if any liquid reaches the internals. However, there are only a few devices that can handle liquid spills but they are weird-looking rugged computers that are not great for outdoor use and don’t have enough power to run professional work applications. For example, here is a picture of Panasonic’s Toughbook that looks like it can survive an earthquake, but they aren’t practical at all, and anyone working on it would look just as bizarre and you wouldn’t want your friends to see you with this device. With such progress in technology, you may have thought that manufacturers would solve this problem, but no matter how simple it seems, the issue is not an easy one to solve.

Panasonic Toughbook

What are the reasons?

Laptops, unlike most devices, have a lot of hardware installed in a small chassis. These components produce a lot of heat, so multiple vents and cooling systems are installed inside the body. The heat produced is a significant problem because it can decrease the lifetime of your hardware and make them malfunction. These vents are impossible to seal, so if water is spilled on the device it can seep inside. However, Apple is working on making their Macbooks water-resistant; shortly, we can see the first practical flagship device. Another reason may be that Laptops aren’t considered the type of device to be used in a wet place compared to phones which are used at beaches and in the rain, so this can be major reason manufacturers haven’t made much effort.

Are ASUS Laptops Waterproof?

No, ASUS has not yet manufactured a Laptop capable of resisting water damage. None of the Huge Manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Apple, Acer, and MSI haven’t been able to produce a device that the user can use without having a fear of spilling water on it.

How To Protect a Laptop from Water Damage?

You can do multiple things to protect your device from getting damaged by liquids. Here’s a list:

  1. Avoid drinking coffee or any beverage near the machine.
  2. Keep the device in a water-resistant bag when traveling to protect it from rain.
  3. Use water-resistant keyboard skins to avoid water damage.

One of the Best Products on the Market is Mark Ryden Waterproof Business Laptop BackpackThe bag has multiple pockets and can hold a 17-inch Laptop with a water-resistant exterior that can protect the device in heavy rain.

What To Do If I Spill Water On My Laptop?

Unfortunately, if you have spilled water on your device, first turn off the machine and remove the charging cable if it’s plugged in. Secondly, get a dry cloth and remove as much liquid as possible from the device. Keep the Laptop in a dry place for at least 24 hours before attempting to turn it on. Lastly, If the device remains dead, take the Laptop to your nearest service center. Your Laptop may be dead because the water spillage can cause a short circuit in the motherboard and other components. Therefore, fixing it at home can increase the issue and make it unrepairable.


All Laptops manufactured don’t have any water resistance, and even small exposure to liquids can damage the device. You can do many things to keep your device safe from water damage. In the future, we can expect some flagship manufacturers to produce water-resistant Laptops. 

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