Is It Bad To Use Your Laptop For Long Periods? Explained

Is It Bad To Use Your Laptop For Long Periods? Explained

If you work for hours on a Laptop, whether you are a student or a professional, you must be thinking, Is It Bad To Use Your Laptop For Long Periods

Well, there’s nothing wrong with using your Laptop for many hours. But, you must be careful if you’re playing AAA games or carrying out heavy multitasking on your device; in that situation, it would be helpful to let it rest for a few minutes or temporarily close the heaviest program running on your Laptop.

Will It Harm The Laptop’s Battery?

If you multitask, play games, or run demanding applications while keeping your Laptop plugged in all the time, it can harm your Laptop battery’s age.

If you have a new Laptop, I will recommend you to charge your Laptop to about 80-90% and then unplug it from charging. It will help you keep using your Laptop for extended periods, and it will run much cooler than before.

Charging your Laptop to a maximum of 90% will increase its lifetime because less heat will be produced. However, gaming Laptops have a low battery life compared to typical Laptops. Gaming Laptops must remain plugged in to run demanding software that requires a CPU or GPU. If not plugged in, they will provide less power and can even lag while playing games or multitasking.

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Does It Effect Laptop’s Lifespan?

It is possible that your Laptops lifespan can shorten because of using it for long periods. The device’s lifetime will shrink if the Laptop is used for an extended period and is heating a lot; however, if they are only used for light tasks such as browsing and word processing, less impact will be caused on the Laptop’s health.

Also, ensure your Laptop is cleaned regularly so the dust doesn’t build-up doesn’t internally and prevent the airflow. Dust can produce more heat by blocking airflow and shortening your Laptop’s and its battery’s age.

Good Charging and Using Habits 

It’s good to consider having Good Charging and Using Habits to maintain your Laptop and the battery’s health. Some of them are:

  1. Getting a Laptop Cooling Pad
  2. Charging till 90% and using till 30%
  3. Give your Laptop a rest after using it for some time
  4. Cleaning it regularly
  5. Use it in a cool environment

These steps can provide you with a great lifespan, and you will be able to use your Laptop for a few years.

Can You Keep Your Laptop Turned On 24/7?

Keeping your Laptop turned on and never turning it off is tempting, and there are several reasons why you should power off your device regularly. Turning off gives your Laptop a chance to rest and can help prevent any issues.

Another thing to consider is security; if your Laptop is never turned off, it becomes more vulnerable to malware and hacking attempts. So, considering the reasons mentioned, there are plenty of good reasons to shut down your Laptop when it’s not in use. So when you are done working, make sure to power down your device and allow it to rest.

Is It Harmful To Plug In Laptop 24/7?

laptop charging

It is a common practice among many people to leave their Laptops plugged in 24/7, but is it healthy for your Laptop? Some people believe it is unnecessary, while others think it keeps your Laptop completely charged and ready to use.

The final answer is that leaving your Laptop plugged in 24/7 will not damage the battery or your Laptop. It’s favorable for the battery because it keeps it charged and prevents it from over-discharging. However, if you only use your Laptop for light tasks, it’s suggested to unplug it and save energy. Keeping your device plugged in to use it for only a few hours is not a good thing to do.


Using a Laptop for long periods can be a little harmful. Ultimately it depends on what you are using it for; for example, if you run demanding tasks or play AAA games, your device can overheat, decreasing its lifespan. However, if the Laptop is cleaned regularly and good charging habits are done, there will be no problem in using your Laptop for multiple hours.

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