Why Is My Keyboard Not Working On Laptop: 9 Ways To Fix It

Why Is My Keyboard Not Working On Laptop: 9 Ways To Fix It

Have you ever started working on your laptop only to discover that your keyboard has stopped working? A keyboard is one of the essential components of your laptop. If your keyboard is broken, any work related to typing becomes difficult or even impossible. There are many reasons why your device may be facing this issue. However, it is nothing to be worried about and is a common problem among users. So let’s discuss the reasons why this may be happening.

Enable On-Screen Keyboard

To make things easier, enable the on-screen keyboard from the settings menu. An on-screen keyboard allows you to type without a physical keyboard and enables you to type just by using your pointing device.

  • Go to ease of access.
  • Enable the on-screen keyboard.

Restart Your Laptop

restarting laptop

The most basic thing when you face any problem on your laptop is to restart it. Sometimes your operating system doesn’t properly start up, which leads to drivers being unable to load, causing your hardware to be unresponsive. Restarting can help fix this problem; your hardware starts working normally when the drivers load up. 


Your OS can run a device troubleshooter to find the problem and suggest a few solutions easily. The troubleshooter finds the problems and fixes them or will identify the issue for you. According to this, you can find the best solution possible.

Unresponsive Keys


Make sure to have checked every key on your keyboard. Just open the notepad and start pressing all the keys. Make sure to enable num lock because it can stop some keys from working. If you find one or more broken keys, take your laptop to your nearest service station for repair.

Clean Your Keyboard

dusting laptop

Dust is your worst enemy. Dust can cause your keyboard’s keys to be jammed, causing the keys not to work correctly. Take a toothbrush and clean off the dust jammed up under the keys. If a toothbrush is not enough, try a cleaning kit or a cleaning slime.

If you have the patience and the tools. You can easily remove the keyboard’s frame, and now you can clean it thoroughly. Ensure you don’t remove the keys because the hinges can get broken and increase the problem. After cleaning carefully, attach it and try if it’s working.

Reset Settings

The software can cause changes to the settings on your device around so another application can work. Another possibility is that you have changed the settings unintentionally or intentionally. If that’s the case, open the keyboard menu and select the default settings. Therefore resetting the settings can make your keyboard work normally.

Reinstall Drivers

For this method, you will need the on-screen or an external keyboard. Here are the steps; make sure to follow them completely:

  • Right-click the “My PC” icon on the desktop.
  • Select Properties.
  • Now find Device Manager.

You can also open Device Manager by WinX Menu.

  • Find your keyboard in the keyboard menu.
  • Uninstall all the keyboards listed.

Restart your laptop, and the drivers will start installing automatically. However, if not installed, open Devices Manager again and right-click on Keyboards; now select scan for hardware changes. Now your keyboard will start working again.

Reinstall Operating System

reinstall operating system

If nothing works, reinstalling your operating system is a good option. This will delete any unnecessary software or changed settings. After your laptop is completely reset. Check your keyboard; if it starts working, some software must have been messing with your hardware. Back up your data before reinstalling windows.

Loose Connector

If any of the methods mentioned earlier don’t work, your laptop’s keyboard will likely be disconnected from the motherboard. Sometimes moving your keyboard can cause the keyboard’s connector to come loose. However, the damage can be more significant if the keyboard stops working after the laptop falls to the ground. You have to open up your laptop, and then the keyboard has to be connected to the motherboard. Make sure to take it to the repair shop if you don’t have the required tools.


Keyboards can be brought back alive by using different kinds of methods. We have tried to cover all the ways that can be a possible solution to the problem. Unfortunately, if nothing works for you, ensure you get your laptop checked by the service center.

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