Are Gaming Laptops Good For Programming? Explained

Are Gaming Laptops Good For Programming? Explained

In today’s world, Laptop manufacturing has become an enormous industry, with many brands producing high-quality Laptops. Brands such as Dell, Lenovo, and HP create several Laptops annually, ranging from premium and budget-friendly devices. Gaming Laptops are also getting famous in the last few years due to the growth of the e-sports industry as everyone doesn’t like having a massive PC in their room and wants something portable with the same amount of power. Gaming Laptops are heavier than ordinary Laptops but are robust enough to run AAA games and demanding tasks such as Graphic Designing, Video Editing, and 3D modeling. Considering you are reading this, you want to learn Are Gaming Laptops Good For Programming?

What Are The Minimum Specs Required For Programming?

What are the minimum specs required for programming

We will review the required specs to understand better whether a Gaming Laptop is suitable for programming.

Processor: What Kind Of Processor Does Programming Require?

The processor or the CPU is one of the essential components of a Laptop. It is called the ‘Brain of a Laptop’ because it handles every ongoing process and function inside the device, so the faster the processor more performance it will provide.

To decide the processor, we will learn what kind of programming language you work with. If you are a JAVA programmer, you will require a better processor than a Python programmer. Therefore, a quad-core processor will be the minimum requirement for programming, enabling you to launch multiple programs at once and make multitasking smoother. But if you require better performance, consider getting the latest-gen chip or an octa-core processor.

RAM: How Much RAM Is Needed For Programming?

Programming is a RAM-oriented task for a Laptop, and the amount of RAM you require depends on which programming language you work with and the amount of multitasking you conduct. JAVA programmers usually require more RAM than an average Python programmer. A typical programmer will need at least 8 GB of RAM to program without lags or delays. But if you need a better multitasking performance, consider getting 16 GB of RAM for a smoother and faster experience.

You can require more RAM in the future if you run more demanding programming tasks, and if the memory is less than needed, the process will be a lot slower with lags and crashes. I would recommend getting a Laptop with upgradeable memory to get more RAM in the future if required.

Graphics Card: Is A Graphic Card Necessary For Programming?

Typically a Graphic Card is not needed for programming, and programmers can do their tasks without it. However, a Dedicated GPU is essential if you are a Game Developer or a 3D Modeller. An NVIDIA RTX 1650 is an excellent GPU that is best for moderate graphical tasks and Gaming, but if you require better graphical performance, purchase a Laptop with at least an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti. It will provide outstanding performance, fast rendering, and enough power to run AAA games on your Laptop.

Storage: How Much Storage Is Required For Programming?

You’ll need a large amount of space if you are a programmer to store hundreds of project files. You will require a minimum of 500 GB of Hard Disk Space to conduct your work. Another thing to consider is whether you require an HDD or SSD. SSD has got popular in recent years due to their fast speeds and reliability.

An SSD is not necessary for a programmer, but if your project requires quicker file transfer and access, an SSD is the best option for you. SSDs are usually more expensive than HDDs, but I recommend increasing your budget as an SSD provides lower OS and other programs’ boot time.

Display: What Kind Of Display Is Needed For Programming?

As a programmer, you may require a high-resolution display to better look at the codes on your screen. A Laptop with at least a 1080P Full HD Display, but if you are working on a graphical task, you may need a display with a higher resolution.

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Besides the screen resolution, the Laptop’s screen size is also a thing to consider. If you are working on Python and writing scripts in Pycharm, larger screen size can come in handy as it will allow you to see more coding lines without scrolling down. It will help you avoid errors and provide a better multitasking experience. A Larger screen will enable you to get a good split screen workflow due to the greater screen real estate. So try purchasing a device with a 14+ inch screen. But if a smaller screen works, go for a 13/14 inch Laptop and save some bucks.

Keyboard: Does A Programmer Need A Good Keyboard?

A keyboard may seem like an insignificant component of a Laptop, but it can be a huge deal as a programmer. As a programmer, you will often use a keyboard to write the codes of your project, primarily if you work on the go or don’t have an external keyboard attached to your device. So the Laptop’s keyboard should be of moderate size and easy to reach to get the best typing experience.

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Is A Gaming Laptop Suitable For Programming?

Is A Gaming Laptop Suitable For Programming?

After discussing the minimum requirements for programming, Let’s discuss How Capable is a Gaming Laptop and why it’s suitable for Programming. 


Gaming Laptops typically fall in the premium category and therefore contain the latest chips on the market. These devices have fast and multi-core processors, such as Intel’s 11th Gen i5/i7 Processor or AMD Ryzen, which is powerful enough to run modern AAA Games.

It makes a Gaming Laptop good for programming as it surpasses the minimum processing speed required and provides excellent results.


Gaming Laptops are famous for offering a high amount of RAM. These devices usually offer at least 16 GB of RAM and go up to 64 GB of RAM if you require more power.

As mentioned earlier, programming needs a large amount of RAM, so getting a Gaming Laptop is an excellent choice to provide you with fast and flawless performance.

Graphics Card

As these devices and primarily built for Gaming, they contain the latest Graphics Card, such as the NVIDIA RTX 3080, to provide the best gaming experience to their users. 

So if you are a game development or 3D modeling programmer, you will require a good GPU, which makes a Gaming Laptop a fantastic option for your programming work—offering you quick graphical processing and rendering.


Gaming Laptops offer large screen sizes with high resolution as it makes Gaming more fun and easy. Shooting games such as Call Of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, and CS: GO are more enjoyable to play on a large screen as it provides better details and an overall immersive experience.

Because programming needs a high-resolution and large display, a Gaming Laptop meets the requirements and is suitable for programming of all types.


A Gaming Laptop has a large storage capacity for storing modern games. These devices have HDD or SSD, so the decision is mainly based on your need and budget. But most manufacturers are leaving the HDDs behind and now only adding SSDs to their Laptops due to their quick speeds and slower load times.

This makes them suitable for programming because it requires considerable storage capacity and faster loading speeds for better workflow.

These combined components make Gaming Laptops an excellent device for all your programming needs.


Learning about the programming tasks’ needs and a Gaming Laptop’s general specs. We can deduce that these devices are an excellent choice for a programmer, and all your tasks, no matter how demanding, will run smoothly on a Gaming Laptop.


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