Why Does My Lenovo Laptop Keep Disconnecting From The Internet? Explained

Why Does My Lenovo Laptop Keep Disconnecting From The Internet? Explained

Having a stable connection to the Wi-Fi is necessary because if you constantly lose connection, it can delay your work. Having a good Wi-Fi connection at home is essential. A fast connection makes it easy to work online from home and enjoy watching movies and tv-shows. It also enables you to play games online without any lag. Now talking about Laptops, there are some great brands out there, one of them being Lenovo.

Lenovo has several models to pick from, with new devices being released yearly especially after they have entered the gaming industry. One thing to notice is that there are some problems that you can face if you purchase this device. People have recently complained that their Lenovo Laptop is facing connection issues and keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi on Windows. Judging from the reason you are reading this, you are trying to find a solution to this problem. This article will go through several solutions to this issue.

What Are The Reasons For Constant Disconnection From Wi-Fi?

Before heading into the solution, we will discuss the reasons that cause this connection issue. It can be due to changes in settings such as the network adapter’s power-saving settings enabled or simple software issues that are resolved by restarting your Laptop. Another issue can be with the Laptop’s drivers, which few steps can fix. Remember that if these methods don’t fix your problem, the case might be with the device’s hardware.

How To Fix Connection Issues

Why Does My Lenovo Laptop Keep Disconnecting From The Internet? Explained

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple methods to solve the problem. It is better to learn about the issue properly, but you can try these ways to try and solve it.

Reposition your Laptop

Let’s begin with the easiest solution. Move your Laptop closer to your Router and if it doesn’t work, go to the Router’s Wireless settings and change the Wi-Fi radio channel. 

Restart The Network Devices And The Laptop

Before going through any settings, the most basic thing to do is restart your Router and Laptop. If there are any minor software issues, they will be solved by rebooting your device.

Disable Power Saving Setting Of The Network Adapter

Laptops have a power-saving feature that automatically disconnects Wi-Fi to save battery. To disable the power-saving setting, follow these steps:

  1. Open ‘Run’ by searching in the windows search bar.
  2. A window will open; type ‘ncpa.cpl’ and Enter.
  3. In the new window, Right-click on your Wi-Fi network adapter and select ‘Properties.’ 
  4. Now click on ‘Configure.’ 
  5. Select ‘Power Management.
  6. Now uncheck the power-saving box. 
  7. Save the settings. 

This method will fix the issue. However, if the problem persists, try the next procedure.

Check Drivers

If nothing works, there may be some problems with the drivers. Brands such as Lenovo provide regular updates. These updates solve all the security and minor problems, which should have fixed your Laptop’s connection issues.

If your drivers have not been updated, this may be the cause. First, open up Lenovo’s website, browse through products, and find the model you currently use. Finding your model is necessary because the drivers are different for every Laptop. Now click on the Drivers and Software Tab. Opening it will allow you to either manually select updates or automatically search the device. Select automatic search and wait for some time.

Depending on your internet’s speed, the process can take a few moments. Don’t refresh the tab constantly, and be patient. You will be required to reboot your device a few times during the procedure. It will ensure that all the drivers are correctly installed. Once the drivers are installed, you will connect to the internet and have a stable connection.

Uninstall Lenovo ThinkPad or ThinkCentre

ThinkPad or ThinkCentre, pre-installed programs can sometimes start to give connectivity issues. This is why you should try uninstalling the programs.

Open the control panel on your Laptop from the Windows menu and then select uninstall a program. It will show you a list of software currently installed on your device. Uninstalling these programs will allow you to connect to the internet and provide a stable connection.


An unstable connection is one of the worst issues one can face because all the work is done online today. The methods listed can be enough to solve the connection issue you are facing. However, if the problems remain unsolved. The case can be with your Laptop’s hardware, and you might want to visit the nearest service center.

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