8 reasons Why Gaming Laptops Are Heavy

8 reasons Why Gaming Laptops Are Heavy

Laptops are getting lighter and faster everyday laptops such as the Apple MacBook Air provide excellent performance and are incredibly lightweight. Then you might be wondering Why Gaming Laptops Are Heavy. One of the main components of a gaming laptop is the cooling solutions installed. Many people think they are heavy due to the graphics card installed. The GPU installed is explicitly made for the laptop. Compared to desktop graphics cards, they are slim and light.

Let’s find out Why.

Why Are Gaming Laptops so Heavy

8 reasons Why Gaming Laptops Are Heavy

One of the reasons why laptops became popular was due to their small size and their portability. They are compact so they can be carried anywhere and fit in any backpack. While you can carry a Gaming Laptop in a backpack, their size makes it challenging to fit in a small space, and a large bag will be required, making it a hassle. Well, here are the factors that make a gaming laptop heavy.

1. Metal Chassis

laptop metal chassis

We are starting with the most prominent reason that affects the weight: The structure of the laptop. The materials used to construct gaming equipment are usually more solid, increasing the weight.

Many newly produced lighter laptops use light plastic materials, which lowers the weight of these devices. However, it makes them less resistant to damage, while gaming equipment is usually found with a metal frame.

2. Large Screen

laptop screen

Gamers require large displays and larger screen sizes make playing video games more enjoyable. The average screen size for a gaming laptop is 17 to 19 inches, relatively more significant than notebooks with an average screen size of 13 to 15 inches.

These screens also have more advanced technology that can also lead to an increase in weight. For example, gaming displays usually have a high refresh rate and more than 1080P resolution.

 3. Graphics Card

laptop gpu

powerful GPU is an essential hardware component for a gaming laptop. A high-quality GPU is required to run modern-day AAA games such as Call of Duty: Warzone. These components are robust and heavy. Although they are smaller in size compared to PC components, they are still bulky. To fit a graphics card, the Laptop’s size is increased. The GPU also has cooling fans, which add to the device’s weight.

4. Cooling Solution

laptop cooling

The cooling solutions add a lot of weight and become an influential factor in making a laptop heavy. Gaming Laptops have powerful internal components which produce a lot of heat, and users can face problems like dropping frame rates or overheating if not cooled. So in modern laptops, a more oversized heatsink is installed to keep it at an optimum temperature.

The processor is one of the hardware which requires a lot of cooling and ventilation to get the best output. All of these combined add a great deal of weight.

5. Motherboard

laptop motherboard

Compared to typical laptops, gaming laptops require extra hardware such as a GPU and dual-channel ram, meaning the manufacturers must install a bigger motherboard. Moreover, if further expansion is allowed to the user, the size of the motherboard has to be increased accordingly.

6. Large Battery

laptop battery

Gaming Laptops are power-hungry, which means a typical laptop battery can’t be installed. A battery having larger dimensions is installed to get the best performance.

7. Additional Storage Devices

laptop ssd

The latest video games require a lot of storage. For example, games such as Warzone require at least 100 GB of space. A single SSD won’t be enough, and an HDD must also be included to give the users additional space.

8. Additional Components

laptop keyboard

Gaming Laptops are equipped with a larger keyboard, RGB lighting and better speakers. Each of these, when seen individually, doesn’t weigh much, but collectively they influence the weight.

Advantages of Gaming Laptops

After reading all this information, you must be curious whether buying a gaming laptop is worth it. Here is some exciting information to help you decide.


No matter how heavy it is, Gaming Laptops are portable. You can carry them in a bag wherever and whenever you like. The rapid technological developments will lead to gaming laptops will become much lighter in a few years.

High Performance

If your only requirement is performance, then the best thing you can get is a gaming laptop. It will be able to run all the latest games at high frame rates and provide superior performance.

High-Quality Materials

As said before, gaming laptops are built using highly resistive materials, making them more reliable and less prone to tears or scratches.

Better Cooling

Gaming Laptops have excellent cooling solutions, providing better overall performance when executing heavy tasks. Better cooling also increases the lifetime of a device.

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Disadvantages of Gaming Laptops

Although Gaming Laptops are very beneficial, they have their drawbacks. These laptops are relatively expensive. Their size and weight can make them uncomfortable to carry.


If weight is not an essential factor for you, Gaming Laptops are the best option you have. They provide exceptional performance and have a longer lifespan than regular laptops. They can help you perform heavy tasks and run your favourite games without a hassle.

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