Why Does My Gaming Laptop Battery Drain So Fast? Solved

Why Does My Gaming Laptop Battery Drain So Fast? Solved

Why Does My Gaming Laptop Battery Drain So Fast? Various things could cause it, and there are many solutions to solve this problem. One of the most common problems that can be causing it is an old battery. Another reason is that your battery drains quicker when your device executes demanding tasks. The extra input and output devices connected can also cause some problems. When not plugged in, the Laptop’s power button led consumes power. These are tiny things but, when added up, consume a lot of energy. Before looking for solutions and fixes, it is essential to find the issue’s root. This article will discuss multiple problems that lead to the draining of a Gaming Laptops Battery and How To Solve Them.

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Laptop’s battery draining quickly: causes and fixes

There are multiple problems and solutions to fix your Laptop’s battery.

Old Battery

Laptop batteries have a few years life span, and if they last for years without a problem, they will provide less and less battery time and soon become entirely unusable. After 3 years of usage, a Laptop’s battery will start declining. It will feel that the battery has been draining quickly, but its capacity has been reduced with years of usage.

Not much can be done to solve this issue except purchasing a new battery that works for your Laptop. However, if your device is fairly new or only used for light tasks, the reason for the draining battery can be different.

Display Settings

A Laptop’s setting can also contribute to the battery draining a lot faster. For example, using your display on high brightness will consume more power. High brightness is terrible for your eyesight and your Laptop’s battery. Using your device on low brightness can keep your vision safe and provide you with better battery life. To change your Laptop’s brightness, you can right-click on your desktop and select display settings. This will open the display menu where brightness and other settings can be managed:

During the day, keep your brightness at around 60% or higher if you work in a sunlit area. At the same time, bring it back to 30-40% during the night.

Power Settings

The power settings can also help get a good battery life. You can modify the power settings by clicking on the battery icon. Laptops are usually placed in a balanced mode as they offer the best of both; it provides medium processing speed and battery life. However, it can be changed to low power consumption to give you more battery life while sacrificing speed.

Resource-intensive programs running

If you run challenging tasks such as video editing, graphic designing or gaming on your device, you will find that your battery is losing power quickly. Most software can run in the background while you are unaware of them. Talking about gaming playing AAA titles on high settings on your Laptop is a power-intensive task, and your battery will lose charge faster than usual. You can check how much power an app consumes by entering the battery settings. 


razer keyboard

The extra devices connected to your Laptop consume the battery of your Laptop, for example, a speaker. If you don’t have any device connected to your Laptop, you can still have less battery if devices are connected via Bluetooth. The mechanical RGB keyboard or an RGB mouse also requires electricity to run. They use a tiny amount of power but add up; they can be a problem.

What is the average battery life of a laptop?

Many factors affect the battery life of a Gaming Laptop. Things like its age, capacity and what the device is being used for. If you are gaming and streaming simultaneously, a Laptop with an excellent battery life will only last about 2 hours. But the same device will give you atleast 10 hours of battery if only used for light tasks such as browsing the internet or word processing. Another factor is the age of your battery. After a few years of use, batteries face a decline in their capacity; therefore, your Laptop’s battery drains quicker. 


There are multiple reasons why a Gaming Laptop’s battery may be draining quicker than before. Identifying the problem is a crucial step which will help you find a better solution to the problem. 

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