How to Charge A Laptop In Your Car? 5 Easy Ways

How to Charge A Laptop In Your Car? 5 Easy Ways LaptopFort

After the covid-19 pandemic working on the way has become a part of our daily routine, professionals in every field use their laptops to work and conduct meetings while traveling on the road. So if you can’t manage without a laptop, you will need some way of charging it.

The problem with a laptop battery is that you can’t use a regular power bank, or a typical charger can’t be used like other devices. It would be best if you had some device to use the vehicle’s power system to connect the laptop charger.

This article will guide you on using different methods to charge a laptop in your car.

5 Easy And Simple Ways To Charge A Laptop While Travelling

How to Charge A Laptop In Your Car? 5 Easy Ways LaptopFort

There are many ways to charge your laptop in a car and we will discuss the easiest and simplest ways to solve this issue.

  • Car inverter 
  • Type-C charging USB cable can help in charging your laptop.
  • An Adaptor.
  • Power bank
  • A car laptop charger 

We will now discuss the methods mentioned above in detail.

1. Charging Using An Inverter

Typically, an Alternating Current (AC) source is used to charge a laptop. But a car’s battery provides a Direct Current (DC) energy source. So it’s not possible to charge your device directly from your car’s battery. 

However this problem can easily be solved using a car inverter to convert the DC source to AC, and this will allow you to plug in the laptop’s charger and recharge your laptop.

The instructions are listed below:

Step 1: Purchase a Car Inverter from your nearest shop.

Step 2: Plug the inverter’s power cable into your car’s mobile charging slot.

Step 3: Insert the laptop’s charger into the inverter.

Step 4: Connect your Laptop and your device will start charging.

This method will start recharging your device. If any problem occurs, repeat the process.

2. Charging Using A Type-C Cable

How to Charge A Laptop In Your Car? 5 Easy Ways LaptopFort

Another method to charge is by using a USB cable. A Type-C USB cable will ensure a safe voltage is supplied from the vehicle. However, this method will only work if your laptop supports a Type-C USB port.

Step 1: Connect the car charger to your vehicle.

Step 2: Plug in the Type-C cable.

Your laptop should begin charging.

3. Charging Using A Power bank

How to Charge A Laptop In Your Car? 5 Easy Ways LaptopFort

You can use a power bank to charge your laptop like any other device. However, laptops have large batteries, unlike smartphones so a high-capacity power bank will be required.

Usually, a laptop requires 40W to charge, so the power bank needs to be purchased accordingly.

4. Charging Using An Adaptor

An adaptor works just like a car inverter; however, in this method, you can directly plug in your laptop’s charger, similar to how you charge at home or work. 

You can easily purchase a car adaptor from a nearby market. It is one of the easiest methods and can recharge your laptop without hassle.

5. Charging Using A Car Laptop Charger

If the methods mentioned above don’t work, you can buy a laptop charger to insert into your car’s port and give you a safe and accurate power supply to recharge your laptop. They look the same as a regular charger. The only difference is the power jack.

Is Charging Your Laptop In A Car Safe?

Usually, charging a laptop while traveling is safe until proper connectors and cables are used. Wrong connectors and invertors can harm your device. 

Can A Vehicle’s Battery Drain By Charging A Laptop?

Yes, it is a possibility. Your car battery can drain if you are charging your laptop while the car is parked. While driving, it doesn’t drain the vehicle’s battery. The car’s battery can be completely drained if you leave the laptop charging overnight. 

After the engine is turned off, all functions of your vehicle are powered by the battery that causes the car’s battery to drain.

If you want to charge your laptop in a parked car, you can install a deep-cycle battery in your vehicle. A deep-cycle battery charges back up quickly after it’s used. 

Frequently asked questions

Can You Charge a Macbook In Your Car?

Yes, because Macbook supports a Type-C USB charging cable, you can use a cable that has a Type-C and a USB port to charge the laptop.

Can A Laptop Jump Start A Car?

No matter how much we want this to be true, it’s impossible due to the laptop’s voltage being significantly low.

How To Use Car Cigarette Socket?

Laptop chargers that are compatible with the car socket can charge your laptop. 


There are multiple ways to recharge your laptop while traveling in a car, and hopefully, these methods will be helpful to you. Follow the procedure correctly, and no problems will occur.

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