How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use When Charging?

How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use When Charging?

Laptop technology has improved significantly in recent years and has made them quite efficient. Although Laptops consume very little power compared to Desktop machines, you still may be thinking, How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use When Charging? Today I will be curing your curiosity and tell you exactly how many watts your Laptop consumes daily. The numbers are lower than what you may be imagining!

An average Laptop consumes between 80-100 watts per hour, while a power-hungry device such as a Gaming Laptop can consume up to 180 watts per hour. Since 100 Watts light bulbs still exist, a Laptop uses very little power when compared to other things running in your home. 

How To Find Out How Much Power Your Laptop Uses During Charging?

If the average 90 Watts per hour value is not enough and you need a more exact value, then you can find the numbers through a few ways. To find it check under your Laptop’s charger; almost all chargers have the information available.

For example, here is a picture of an HP Laptop’s charger. The charger consumes 65 Watts per hour while charging the device. This power is generally consumed in average devices typically used for light work such as word processing and internet browsing.

laptop charger

So please look under your charger; the value will be the one with W(stands for Watts) beside it. You can also find the power consumption by visiting the manufacturer’s website. The information will be listed among the device’s specifications. 

How Much Power Does My Laptop Consume?

Now that you have learned how much power your charger provides, the actual value is probably less. The value found is the maximum amount of power the charger can provide to your Laptop, so it will consume less power when used and charging.

The actual power consumption will be different on Laptops, and the primary usage depends on the user’s use. For example, if the device is idle, it will barely use any power, internet browsing will consume little energy, and Gaming or any other demanding task will consume a lot of power. The power consumption increases when the Laptop starts to make use of the components such as GPU and cooling fans. Like any other electrical device, the more you use it, the faster it will drain.

Here’s a List of reasons that affect a Laptop’s power consumption:

1. Screen Size and Quality

How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use When Charging?

A Laptop’s display size is an essential factor. A device with a 13-inch screen will consume less power than a 15-inch screen. Screen quality also matters. For example, a 4k display will consume more power due to the high brightness and contrast. In comparison, a regular 1080P display is efficient and saves energy, increasing the Laptop’s battery life.

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2. Hardware

The internal components of a Laptop can be called the deciding factor for the amount of power it consumes. Gaming Laptops consume so much energy because they have high-quality Processors, GPU, and Cooling components. GPU causes a high burden on the device’s battery because of its size and the heat it produces. So to cool it down, multiple fans have to be installed, which can be highly energy-consuming. Individually these parts may not matter, but when added up, they can be very demanding.

3. Extra Peripherals

Modern Laptops have gone fancy due to the high demand from consumers. Many devices these days have RGB lighting installed inside, along with RGB backlit keyboards powered by the battery. If you have external keyboards, a mouse, or any other accessories installed, those too are powered by the Laptop’s battery which increases its power consumption and so during charging the Laptop will need more power. So if you want to save battery and power, consider unplugging the extra peripherals connected to your Laptop.


Laptop technology has come a long way, and these devices have become surprisingly efficient. Modern Laptops, even running demanding tasks, can provide 5-6 hours of battery. For example, Apple’s M2 Macbooks are highly powerful and efficient devices with excellent battery life. There are multiple ways of finding your Laptop’s power consumption and various factors influence how much energy it will consume.

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