How Do I Zoom Out On My Toshiba Laptop? Complete Guide 2022

How Do I Zoom Out On My Toshiba Laptop? Complete Guide 2022

If you have got a Toshiba Laptop for the first time and are confused about How Do I Zoom Out On My Toshiba Laptop? There are several methods to Zoom out on a Toshiba Laptop and bring your screen back to normal. The simplest way of fixing your display is by adjusting your screen settings.

  1. Open your desktop and select Display Settings.
  2. In the display, settings scroll down to Scale and Layout.
  3. Adjust the size of the text, apps and icons to 100% (default)
  4. Now select the Display Resolution of your choice or the one recommended by the OS.
  5. Lastly, change the Display Orientation to Landscape.

All these settings, once adjusted, will fix your screen and bring it back to normal.

How To Use Windows Magnifier

It is a possibility that you have accidentally launched Windows Magnifier, and your screen has either zoomed in or out. You can easily open up Windows Magnifier by pressing the windows and + key on your keyboard. A new window will open, and a plus and minus key will be available on the screen. It will allow you to zoom in or out according to your needs. This function is beneficial for reading small texts or inspecting images. People with weak eyesight can read books or articles easily by zooming in and reading small texts on their screens.

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Keyboard Shortcut For Zooming In And Out

keyboard shortcut for zooming in

If your screen accidentally zoomed in when browsing on the internet, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to adjust your display. Press the CTRL Key and the ‘+‘ or ‘‘ key to either zoom in or out. The plus sign (+) represents zooming in, while the minus sign (-) means zooming out on most browsers and applications on a Laptop.

Nothing Works: What To Do?

If the methods mentioned above don’t work for you, there may be a problem with your Operating System or the Drivers installed on your Laptop. The best solution to this problem is to reset your device and reinstall your OS. Follow these instructions to reset your Laptop successfully:

  1. Back up the data stored on an external storage device or any cloud service such as Google Drive
  2. Open Settings on your device 
  3. Now select Update and Security, then choose Recovery
  4. Lastly, click on “Reset This PC” and follow the windows on your screen

Another way of Resetting a Laptop is by creating a Recovery Drive:

  1. Open Control Panel by clicking on the Windows Icon
  2. Visit Recovery
  3. Now create a Recovery Drive
  4. Follow the windows on your screen to create it

Resetting your device will remove all the corrupt files and drivers in the storage, removing the cause of your problem.


A zoomed-in screen is a common problem among Toshiba Laptop users and can easily be fixed. By following all the methods, we have mentioned, you will be able to solve your problem and bring your Laptop’s screen back to normal. If nothing works, try resetting your Laptop, and the drivers installed. However, if even rebooting doesn’t solve your issues, take your Laptop to the nearest Toshiba Service Station to diagnose the problem and fix it indefinitely.

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