Are Laptops Cheaper In Dubai than US? Explained!

Are Laptops Cheaper In Dubai than US? Explained!

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world due to its impressive skyscrapers and is home to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. Dubai is also popular for its shopping malls, and many people, especially South Asians such as Pakistanis and Indians visit Dubai just for shopping. Dubai has ongoing sales all year long. Factory outlets of popular brands are also situated that provide outstanding deals. Talking about Laptops, you may have heard a common question: Are Laptops Cheaper In Dubai than US? 

This may not always be true, but with the proper research, you can find huge deals on Laptops and other accessories. Let’s now discuss the average price of a good Laptop in Dubai and how can you get one.

What Are The Reasons?

Laptops are cheaper in Dubai due to multiple reasons. Dubai has low taxes and duties on these machines than the USA. As Dubai is a famous city for shopping and a massive tourist center, there is high competition between manufacturers and brands trying to sell their products in this large market to tourists all around the world. Therefore, sellers offer competitive prices to attract customers, which lowers the prices and provides amazing deals on Laptops.

A Laptop typically costs around 2000 AED in Dubai, and the same device may cost 100-200 AED ($40-$50) more in the US. If you research and be patient, by comparing prices online and in-store, you can find better deals on Laptops with excellent discounts. Retailers such as Carrefour or EMAX usually include high-quality accessories such as Headphones or a wireless mouse/keyboard in the deals. However, one thing to keep in mind is that the price of a particular device may not always be lower than in your home country, so it’s better to do your research beforehand to save some bucks.

Where To Buy Laptops In Dubai?

Dubai is a global center and has brands from all around the world. You can find Laptop stores in all the malls around the city, such as the Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, or City Center. Specifically, you can find excellent deals and discounts at Carrefour, EMAX, and Sharaf DG. These stores have multiple branches across the city and online stores, which can save you the hassle of visiting them and helps you compare prices. Another population destination is the Outlet Mall which has factory outlets of famous brands that offer the same devices at lower prices.

You can also watch this Video, to get a tour of a Laptop Market in Dubai.

How To Find Laptop Deals In Dubai?

The best time for buying a Laptop in Dubai is during the New Year. As Dubai is extremely popular for its New Year Celebrations, thousands of tourists visit the city at this time. Due to this, retailers offer excellent deals on not only Laptops but other electronic devices as well. Additionally, sales are also active on Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays. You can find these deals on popular tech stores online or in-store.

How Cheap Are Apple Laptops In Dubai?

Apple devices, specifically their Macbooks, cost roughly the same or even more in Dubai due to high duties and taxes on Apple products. It may also cost more due to exchange rates, so I recommend buying Apple products from the USA.


Laptops may be cheaper in Dubai compared to the US, but you should keep some things in mind before reaching a decision. It’s essential to research the price of the Laptop you are looking for in your home country and Dubai before purchasing, as every device may not be cheaper in Dubai, such as Apple Macbooks. The warranty in Dubai may not be valid in the US. Unfortunately, if you face any issues with your new device, there may not be any repair, replacement, or customer support to solve your problem. Keeping all these points in mind, you can make the best decision according to your need.

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